Customer Insight – H.O.M.E. Award Winner 2015

Home is where the heart is. It’s the biggest financial and emotional investment anyone will make, and it’s never easy to decide on whom to place the trust of making your dream home a reality. It takes time to accustom yourself with a new home, and it takes masterful craftsmanship to create a space that a home owner would immediately align their dreams and lifestyle with. Avalon Central Alberta prides itself on providing the best possible service in the home building industry. Avalon Central Alberta is one of the best at what they do. To prove it, Avalon Central Alberta was awarded the Customer’s Insights Home Owner Mark of Excellence (H.O.M.E) Gold award in 2015. The Home Owner Mark of Excellence is a third party certification developed for new homebuilders who achieve high positive customer satisfaction. This level of excellence is determined by the customers of the homebuilder themselves and their feedback. The eligibility for acquiring a H.O.M.E. certification requires the builder to be associated with Customer Insights, who will then conduct a survey amongst the builder’s customers, post-occupancy. The survey data is later recertified and tabulated. This data is used to evaluate each builder on customer satisfaction, overall response rate and total number of surveys received. The H.O.M.E. certification program places the customers first; as of course do the recipients of this award. This makes it far easier for customers to find reputable and customer orientated homebuilders in the industry. Hence the award in itself is testament to the quality of workmanship and the resulting success of Avalon Central Alberta’s business and customer service, based a solid foundation concentrated on placing the customer at the core of their business. Avalon Central Alberta has a strong team, which allows them to not only provide quality workmanship but also superior customer service throughout the process. An important piece of the puzzle is dealing with customers before and after their home is constructed. Each talented individual at Avalon Central Alberta offers extensive experience and competence in all aspects of new home building, and that level of performance has ultimately fetched them a commendable status and award to validate their outstanding company, reflected not only through their workmanship, but also their high rate of customer satisfaction. Here are a few of Avalon’s customer remarks that earned them this prestigious award: ”It was a very pleasurable and exciting experience especially as a first time home builder would absolutely recommend Avalon to any one considering building a top quality home! – Derek S. “Great company, great builder. They care about their customers. I would highly recommend them.” – Greg V. “It was a great experience building with Avalon. The customer service was great and they were always available to address any questions or concerns. The incentives were a nice added bonus as well. I would recommend Avalon to my friends and family.” – Sunny S.