Discovery Homes

Avalon Central Alberta has gained extensive experience through the construction of a series of innovative Discovery Homes; which use new technologies and building techniques that test and demonstrate state-of-the-art building techniques.

It’s important for us to meet the needs of today without compromising future generations. Our extensive experience and the lessons learned along the way make us one of the most innovative and experienced builders in Alberta.

Discovery 1 House

Discovery 1 House was Avalon’s first demonstration house to test new green homebuilding technologies. Starting with one of their standard specification floor plans, Avalon added unique features related to the home’s building envelope, heating and ventilating equipment, and power usage to improve the home’s energy efficiency, power and water consumption, indoor air quality, and make an overall positive environmental impact.

Discovery 2 House

Discovery 2 House was Avalon’s first net-zero electricity home. Combining state of the art energy efficient construction and equipment with a renewable solar energy component, the house produces enough electricity to meet the estimated annual power requirements for the average four-person family. To achieve the net-zero electricity goal, power consumption was minimized with high-efficiency appliances, light bulbs, motion detector lights on timers, and convenience switches to base load electronics.

Discovery 3 House

Discovery 3 House is Avalon’s first entirely net-zero house, and was part of CMHC’s EQuilibrium Sustainable Housing Initiative. The house relies entirely on its own extensive solar power and other renewable power systems to produce as much, or more, energy as needed annually.

Discovery 3 House combines a uniquely designed house with sophisticated energy efficient construction techniques and equipment with renewable solar energy to achieve this milestone. The house features an innovative wall system to help reduce overall energy consumption, which keeps the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Heating is provided by a radiant in-floor heating system, and a tankless electric water heater with all water preheated through a solar heating system.

We have taken our findings and added them into the way we build our homes.